Music Production Student Takes On Wembley

By Oonagh Clapham


3 years after his band White Eskimo split, Music Production student Marcus Chetwood returned to the stage for the reunion of all reunions: playing as the house band for Peter Crouch's live podcast at the Wembley Arena. 

Opening the show and performing throughout, Marcus and White Eskimo entertained the masses with famous covers and crowd pleasers before the headliners Kasabian made their appearance. We spoke to him about the band's journey to this point, his decision to study at Leeds Conservatoire and what's next on the horizon...

How would you describe your sound?

The sound of the band is best described as if Guns N’ Roses and Oasis had a baby. We're a straight-forward Rock N’ Roll band, but this is not represented by our music online. You have to see us live to witness this. This is a flaw in the band as a brand, not the fault of the band. Due to the band’s connection to Harry Styles, a lot of band managers and producers tried to push us down the pop route. 

What has been the most interesting performance opportunity for the band to date?

We’ve done many shows as a band on all different levels, and I think every member has their own idea of what was interesting for them. For me, I think performing at Bedform Proms in the Park as support for Jess Glynne was the performance of a lifetime.

What made you decide to return to study and why Leeds Conservatoire?

After the band's split, I felt that studying Music Production would be a good progression from the band. I chose Leeds Conservatoire because out of all 5 places I applied to, the Conservatoire forced me to go through the most learning in the application process, so I believed I'd get the most out of their music production course.

What are you most enjoying about the music production course?

I’m most enjoying the studio work. Getting to grips with ProTools, the mixing consoles and the different microphones is the most rewarding part of the degree for me.

What excites you most about the future of White Eskimo?

I’m excited for the re-brand and to do more arena shows at CrouchFest. Just to play with the guys again. We played together for 4 years and all have similar tastes so this chemistry is irreplaceable.

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By Oonagh Clapham

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